Peloton Bikes are found in hotels' fitness centers and/or are made available in hotel guest rooms. Each hotel profile lists the number of Bikes in each location.  If you wish to reserve a hotel room with a Peloton Bike, follow the 'Book a Room' link found in each hotel's profile.  

A welcome screen that is different from the Member screen you access at home will prompt you for the same username and password associated with your Membership. Use this login to access and ride.

Bikes are available for free guest use in hotel fitness centers.  Note: a small number of hotel partners charge an additional fee for fitness center access.  Check hotel profiles for details.  Additionally, hotels that feature Bikes in guest rooms may charge a higher room rate or add an amenity fee.

Simply create a username by inputting your registered hotel guest name, email address, and a personal password.

Yes, a commercial rider account is established after logging in permitting access to any Peloton hotel partner Bike as you travel.

No, there is no limit.  Any hotel with Peloton Bikes is available for your unlimited use so long as you are a registered guest.

Most hotels have dual sided pedals allowing you to use either Peloton Cycling Shoes or regular gym shoes. However, check your hotel’s profile. Some hotels have toe cages and do not have Delta/SPD clips.

We want to hear from you as the condition of Peloton Bikes is one of our highest priorities. Please click ‘Report an Issue’ on your hotel's profile, and we will share your feedback.  

We are happy to share your interest with your favorite hotels. Please click 'Suggest a Hotel' at the bottom of Hotel Finder's main page and share your thoughts with us.  If you report that a hotel has Bikes but is not on the map yet, please note that hotels must complete a separate opt-in process.